p.s. you sound like a neo-nazi who wants to create you're own perfect ideal of GAY. it's hard enough for people to come to terms with who they are so just stay out of it.

Oh here we go again. A nazi! It’s so funny how often crazies like yourself say that. Don’t you think that’s a massive over-reaction? I mean, seriously?

Are you the kind of person who thinks you can run around, insulting and ridiculing people willy-nilly, and not provoke a single word of criticism?

The Nazis worshipped conformity. Anyone who stepped out of line was punished. On Grindr we have soooo many people using the most disgusting racist and anti-gay statements, yet when just ONE SINGLE PERSON stands up to criticise this, you start screaming “NAZI”! I can’t even LOLZ hard enough at you right now.

Yes, whoever you are, me wanting people to show each other some basic respect makes me one HELLANAZI!