some people just are not turned on by feminine guys. you use tumblr like it's some revelation for research, it's purpose is for guys who want to fuck other guys so therefore by someone saying no femmes and prefering a race they're saying I DO NOT WANT TO FUCK THAT PERSON. not necessarily i'm a homophobic racist and i will lynch you all. to be honest if you have NO sexual preference and find every single sort of person attractive then you're a complete LIAR. EVERYONE HAS TURN ON/TURN OFFs.

Congratulations on being able to state the bleeding obvious. If you spend some time on this blog you will see that what you’ve written is not under dispute.

I agree with you we all have sexual preferences, and that those preferences don’t automatically make someone homophobic or racist.

This blog is about the negative language a lot of gay men are using that make racial minorities feel like shit simply for being the race they are. This is unnecessary and unacceptable.

It is also about the negative language gay men are using towards other gay men they consider to be “not masculine” or “not masculine enough”. This language, if you didn’t know any better, is the same sort of language used by homophobes. This is unnecessary and unacceptable.

So rather than contact me and try to defend the shitty language and behaviour of these guys, how about you have a look at yourself, and them, and start thinking of ways you can speak and behave that don’t ridicule and insult your fellow gays?

Here’s a link that can get you started:


Just remember, Grindr is used by many different gay men for many different reasons, not just “for a fuck”. It is not unreasonable to expect to be respected on there. What IS unreasonable is to expect you can use insulting language towards others and not be taken to task for it.