These statements are not "preferences" they are "insults" and gay men everywhere need to stop using them – in your own words. maybe revise what you write seems as you're such an 'expert'. you remind me of like a fucking religious preacher spouting bullshit and making people feel awful for simply being themselves. you should be ashamed of yourself.

Lol. I was waiting for the “you sound like a religious preacher” comment. It always follows the Nazi one. I’m not making anyone “feel awful” for being themselves. If they are feeling awful, it’s because they are being called out for BEING AWFUL already!

So anyways, got any other names to call me now? So far I’m a nazi, religious preacher. What else is on the list?

But seriously, I’m glad you found the blog, and I’m glad it has triggered you so heavily, because that’s what it’s here for. You’re clearly another young person who is deeply entrenched in heteronormative conditioning, and it’s good you’ve come across this site. I know you won’t accept any of what is written here right now because it triggers so many things in you, but its great the ideas are crossing your conscious mind for once.

I can’t keep debating you, because it seriously wouldn’t be worth it for me to deal with all of your illogical statements, and they have already been addressed elsewhere on the blog. That said I hope you get something positive from this blog, at some point.

PS looking at your blog I’d say it’s time to stop smoking so much weed dude!!!