It happens when a father realizes he doesn’t just love his daughter, but also her wife. It happens when a soldier tells his unit that he’s gay, and they tell him they knew it all along and they didn’t care, because he was the toughest guy in the unit. It happens when a video sparks a movement to let every single young person know they’re not alone, and things will get better.

It happens when people look past their ultimately minor differences to see themselves in the hopes and struggles of their fellow human beings. That’s where change is happening.

And that’s not just the story of the gay rights movement. That’s the story of America—the slow, inexorable march towards a more perfect union.

President Obama (via barackobama)

Dear Mr Obama, does it happen when an American drone kills an innocent woman or child, or an American fighter jet kills a 40-strong wedding party, or when an American soldier goes on a rampage and shoots dead 20 unarmed civilians? This “perfect union” you talk of, what’s its price?

And this whole “we knew all along, but we didn’t care because your were tough” That’s great! What if the gay man wasn’t so tough? Would they still not care then? Does the hetero world not care as long as we gays fit their ideal of what a “real man” should be?