Mandatory Demented Insanity

Here’s a perfect example of how damaged heteronormativity has made us as a group.

He’s “straight for straight”. Yep, except for that pesky “gay” thing of trawling for cock.

He’s also “open” by which he kinda means he’s “out and proud”, yeah except for that pesky humiliation he feels whenever that awful “gay” word is mentioned.

He says he’s mature minded and looking for healthy guys. I wonder if my mind is the kind of mature he’s looking for? And you know what they say, “healthy mind healthy body” – well this kind of conditioned gay insanity is the opposite of healthy.

He’s not “characteristically gay behaviouring” either. Apart from being an abuse of the english language (sad but forgivable), we have yet another brainwashed hetero-normal who automatically has attached masculine characteristics to heterosexual males, and feminine characteristics to homosexual males. He can’t conceptualise a feminine hetero or a masculine homo – such things cause an instant cognitive malfunction.

The solution? He calls himself “str8”.