I like latinos and all, but…





Every single one that messages me is 5’6 or under.

No offense, but if you’re so small that I couldn’t even hold your hand while standing then I’m not really interested.

So why don’t you put on you’re profile what height range you’re after instead? Even though that’s totally stupid it would be better than what you have just written.

Word of advice, if you start any sentence with “I like [insert race] but…” then the ending of that sentence is immediately racist. The same goes with sentences that start with “No offence…” because they always end with something offensive.



Well aren’t they a pretty little racist SHIT. From this Latin@ and the rest, go fuck yourself with a rusty butter knife

I’m soo, so racist. Especially as I’ve turned down two other latino guys, a black guy, and two asian guys just in the last three days.

Oh, wait. I forgot to mention the six Caucasians that also messaged me this week and got turned down because they were all more than a foot shorter than me.

Thank you so much for pointing the racism against latino..wait, asian? Or black? Nah, must be racist against white people. they hold the majority of the people I’ve turned down for the exact same reason.

Thanks for calling me pretty though, even when you were trying to cut me down you left a compliment. Must be my perfect hair.

Oh just stop with the crap – you’re statements are clearly racist. Just like all the other white privileged douchebags out there, you come out with the most infantile defences, like “I rejected a white guy, so does that mean I’m racist towards whites?” Time for you to shut the fuck up, and go learn something about white privilege before you EVER post anything about another race ever again.