Isn't a little hypocritical that you claim people are insulting other gays when you're calling them a "facade of hyper-masculinised garbage" or saying they are "self-hating bile"? If someone is physically unattracted to feminine men I don't see that as racist or homophobic, it's just what they find sexually appealing. Even in your information box you show bias when you say "racist, white privileged, heteronormative brainwashing…" You have no credibility to accuse others of being self-hating.

Yes you are 100% correct. It is INTENSELY hyprocritical of me to hate on these guys. Just like its INTENSELY hypocritical for all those awful people of colour to hate on those poor innocent neo-nazis. Just like its INTENSELY hypocritical for all those awful feminists to hate on all the poor men who have oppressed them for thousands of years. Yep, I see your logic for sure. We should just all shut up, and whenever we see a racist or homophobic statement, we should look the other way, because if we don’t we might end up offending a white, racist homophobe! And that would make us hypocrites! Thank you, for helping me see the light!