Let your beige flag fly at half maste, or maybe just keep it in the closet

People, especially gay people, have become so politically apathetic. It seems that just saying “we live in a free country” is enough to convince themselves this is truth. It’s not. Every aspect of your life is controlled, and gay people DO NOT live as equals amongst heterosexuals.

The only freedom you have is the freedom to consume. And if you run out of money to do it with, what then?

The most frightening thing is that even having AN OPINION these days is considered radical and militant, when that opinion doesn’t conform with the apathetic, opinion-less norm.

Want gay friends? Better not have an opinion! Want a lover? Better not have an opinion! Want to be accepted by your own people? Better not have an opinion!

In 2012, the position is clear: BEIGE IS THE NEW RAINBOW.