Funny thing, I was just having a discussion on that(black-white preference) with a guy. He asked me if not liking 'black' people is racist, to which I did not know how to respond to,since I,myself,am not sexually aroused by colored people. But then it came to mind that it's not on hate grounds, and I am not pushing on my privilege or preference. I'm still failing to find a word describing that.I respect colored people and acknowledge the discrimination/racism against them, but can't explain it

I don’t think you are racist by not being attracted to one race or another. But I think we all need to acknowledge that it’s only due to social conditioning that you find one attractive and one unattractive. This social conditioning is a racist thing. It puts the white, masculine, muscular male on the top of the heap, and everyone else, in gradients of masculinity, below.
Think about it – why do so many white heterosexual men find Asian women attractive, and yet so many white homosexual men find Asian men unattractive. It’s because of the masculine/feminine polarity – the demure, submissive, sex-slave female-Asian stereotype positioned opposite the emasculated, smooth, slender, effeminate male-Asian stereotype. There’s a huge generalisation going on in these stereotypes, particularly as it relates to literally BILLIONS of people. Why are black men considered to be these hyper-masculine, virile, horse-hung stereotypical tops, and as a result somehow more desirable than an Asian male? And why are Arab men stereotyped into aggressive dominant roles as well?
These are the questions we all should know the answer to: social conditioning. Simply put, it’s brainwashing.
Should you feel guilty because you have been subjected to this kind of brainwashing your whole life? No, I don’t think so. Should you be aware of it and make sure you don’t perpetuate it? Yes, I think so.
Does being brainwashed into believing whites are more attractive than another race give you the right to plaster NO ASIANS NO INDIANS NO BLACKS NO HISPANICS all over your profiles, hence perpetuating and reinforcing the conditioning? Absolutely not.
Do you have the right to label this conditioning a “preference”? Absolutely not, because its not a bloody preference, its brainwashing. You never had any choice in the matter. It’s like calling cigarette smoking a “habit”. It’s not a habit, it’s nicotine addiction. Finding Asian men unattractive isn’t a “habit” either, it’s a pre-determined behaviour pattern that you had absolutely no choice in making, so don’t call it a “preference”.
There are people who like to argue, “Well what about those white guys who only find Asian men attractive? That proves you wrong.” No, it really doesn’t. There are a small percentage of white men who are attracted to Asians, Indians, Pacific Islander, etc, and in a majority of these cases they have exoticised these people. This is just as offensive because they aren’t seeing these individuals for who they are, just what they are – basically just sexual play-things for the white man of privilege (not always, and this is not a swipe at mixed-race couples who have genuine relationships).
So, let’s be clear. You are not racist if you’re not attracted to a race. But the conditioning that made you this way is. You don’t need to perpetuate this conditioning, and you don’t need to rub it in the face of every non-white you see.

PS I forgot to say that I’m sure you don’t personally rub this conditioning in anyone’s face. This is not a personal attack. This is just a general response to your question.