what is your ethnicity? are you black? i think you're doing a great thing by making this blog. all of the white homosexuals (or any other race) don't understand that them saying "no asians no blacks hot white boys only" really hurts but they'll tell you "NO IT'S A *PREFERENCE* STOP BEING SO SENSITIVE" but yeah i'm glad you're trying to get the word out and fix the discrimination in the gay community

Thank you! No I’m white and live in Australia. I’m just totally ashamed of the behaviour of the 99% of white people I’m forced to live with. It’s disgusting how they speak, and how unaware of their white privilege they always seem to be. It’s embarrassing for me that they refuse to even discuss the possibility that they may be racist or internally homophobic.

PS. Most people think I’m Asian or Black because they can’t conceptualise a white person being an ally to people of colour. Again, the fact they can’t conceptualise this doesn’t reflect badly on them, it reflects badly on white people because so few of them are aware of their own shitty behaviour and attitudes.