In a society where gays are hated by so many people, one would think that the community would stand together. Well, it’s more like one would hope. I know no one is perfect but homophobia in the homosexual community?? Homophobic homosexuals, that’s an oxymoron, right? That’s definitely a starburst worthy contradiction. Why would a gay hate another gay with so many straight (more like closeted) ignorant homophobes. I have first-hand experience with the situation because my two best friends are homophobic gays. Just my luck! But seriously, the two are really good friends that have been like family to me, but it has always dumbfounded my family and I that my two friends can be gay and homophobic. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t been friends with one of them since I was 9 (now I’m 18) would we be friends today. I’m not “flamboyant.” I hate the term because it stereotypes over-zealous feminine gays, but it seems to be the term most people can relate to or understand. But I’m also not the type of guy who will pretend to be straight because I can get away with. I rock my Chanel, Coach, and Juicy Couture cell phone cases where ever (apparently that’s how girls find out I’m gay because they hit on me, until I text someone and they see it haha). My two best friends on the other hand will pretend they’re straight if they can get away with it. My two best friends are also boyfriends. Again, just my luck. If they can get away with referring to each other as friends or roommates, they do it. Now personally, if my boyfriend ever referred to me as just a friend, someone’s going to be in the dog house for quite a bit. My friends seem to believe that feminine gays are the reason that gays aren’t respected in society. My friends have obviously been hiding under a rock considering most people hate gays because they’re ignorant or closeted and will dislike a gay guy whether he be masculine or feminine. It’s gays that pretend to be straight that hurt the community. The situation isn’t much better since they’re republicans and I’m a liberal moderate. Because of this, we don’t usually go on political banters otherwise we go almost a week without talking. I just don’t understand how someone can support a party that goes against everything you want in life (other than economically, which has nothing to do with LGBT issues). They say they’re engaged yet don’t care about the fight for gay marriage. They say they’ll support gay marriage when gays understand the meaning of marriage. W-T-F…..seriously? I’m pretty sure all the protestors and lawyers and gays that are so passionate that they fight and weep for American LGBT equality would have quite a bit to say for such a statement. They don’t realize that their mindset and behavior only makes it harder for the LGBT community to become stronger and achieve their goals. Attitudes like that cause some guys to be down-low. Down-low (for those unfamiliar with term) is a term generally used in the black community to refer to men that sleep with men but still have relationships or marriages with women. With attitudes like my friends, it’s almost like they supports such behavior. But on the contrary, my friends also believe that you shouldn’t be closeted all your life living a lie. W-T-F……seriously? So you need to come out, but if you happen to be more feminine, you should pretend to be straight? It’s really sad. I wish my two friends were the only two people with this warped logic, but so many gays think like this. Black civil rights and women’s suffrage were successful because they banded together as a community with a common goal, to be treated equally like the Constitution says. As an American citizen, I’m entitled to the right to be treated like everyone else regardless of my race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. My family always ask, “Why are you guys even friends?” To which I respond, “ I don’t even know, I think it’s just God ordained.” I say that because God must have given me the patience of a saint to have friends like that and still love them like they’re my brothers. So how does the LGBT community put a stop to this? I don’t know. It’s hard enough fighting society for rights. When you add people from your own community in the equation, it becomes a lot harder. I guess all we can do is continue to educate people and keep striving to move forward.

Homophobic Homosexuals: A Starburst-Worthy Contradiction