Does being educated include having an understanding of grammar…? Just curious.

It’s highly unlikely he’s as “masc” as he believes himself to be. Also, despite his education, he didn’t have time to add the apostrophe and the “e” to the “your” because he urgently needed to sort out that douche situation before the first “masc” top arrived to “punish his mangina”.


Okay my reply didn't all post. I was wondering if it is okay to request that no one over a certain age message you as long as you're respectful. For example, my profile says "Please do not be over 30." This is mostly because my father is in his early 40's and it hits a bit close to home. Plus, as a 20 year old, I think a 10 year age gap is enough for now as I feel I am not in a point in my life where I could comfortably date anyone a significant number of years older than I am (unfortunately).

I understand the desire for age limits in relation to who you want to interact with online. Ageism is a real thing, but if you’re not into men over 30, you’re not into men over 30. At your age I was exactly the same.


Why don’t you say “Please be under 30” or “I’m attracted to men between the ages of X and Y” instead of “Don’t be over 30”. I know it seems like a small difference, but it’s really a big one. One includes people (all those under 30) and one EXCLUDES people (all those over 30). One states what you like, the other states what you don’t like. Stating what you like is a preference, stating what you don’t like is a prejudice.

When I see any profile that says “Don’t be this, don’t be that” I immediately think “What a douchebag, who the hell does he think he is?”

Just in case you weren’t 100% sure, this guy wants hot WHITE boys only, and that means NO ASIANS, because ASIANS are NOT hot WHITE boys, get it? Understand? Comprende? Also, he has put ASIANS and OLD PEOPLE in the same sentence because both groups are equally disgusting.

He will block you if you don’t have a face pic, but is unaware of the irony that he is likely to be blocked for showing his…