I’m sick of seeing the words “normal”, “straight acting” and “no femmes”. Who do you people think you are? I’ll tell you what you are – disgusting Judas traitors. There’s no other word for you. Your desperate need to be accepted by heteronormative society is shameful and embarrassing. You claim to be “real men”, but there’s nothing real about people who don’t belong to normative society but continue to wear a “normal” mask. Wanna bitch about the queens, the fags, the girly guys? Wanna tell us all how faggy gay men make you cringe? Wanna tell us how queens are giving the rest of the poor, masc, “straight acting” normal gays a bad name? Here’s my answer: FUCK. YOU. Without the queens, the fags, the girly sissies, you wouldn’t have a single fucking right in this world. Not a single, fucking one. They are the ones who stood up for us all when none of us had any rights at all. They are the ones who stood up for us all when non-heterosexuals were routinely harassed, arrested, fired, imprisoned, outed in newspapers and shamed, disowned by their friends, colleagues and families. You people need to get your heads in order, SHUT THE FUCK UP, and start behaving in ways that prove you have the right to call yourselves gay. You want respect? Demand it from the hetero-world that still can’t grant you equality under the law after 40 years. You want acceptance? Demand it from the hetero-world that still teaches you, every day, that somehow being gay is inferior to being like them. You want me to shut the hell up? Then stop trying to make yourselves look more acceptable to the hetero-world by constantly criticising the rest of us who are proud of who we are, who are strong, and who know what it means to have some basic human fucking dignity and self-respect. Angry? YES I AM. Cowardly? YES YOU ARE.