Grindr’s willingness to use its platform like this reminded me of vintage gay porn mags. I was too young to be reading gay porn in the 60s and 70s—thank you very much—but years ago I inherited a collection of vintage gay porn. I read all of those old gay porn mags… for the articles. (I read old copies of After Dark Magazine, on the other hand, for the pictures.) At a time when porn mags were essentially the only gay publications in wide circulation, their editors frequently published editorials and short essays encouraging readers to see themselves as members of an oppressed minority group. They implored their readers to join the fight for gay rights—just as soon as they were finished jerkin’ off. Grindr has revived this mix of sex and activism. And right fuckin’ on.
LOL. Yes Grindr is all about activism… For the white middle class “masc” men who have taken over the equality movement. But as for doing something about the blatant racism and internalised homophobia on their app… NAH, they ain’t doing shit!

Grindr Does Good