Read an interesting article about Grindr (for those who are unfamiliar: a gay male chatting/hook-up app that can be downloaded on your smart phone within seconds and give you access to hundreds of guys in closes proximity to you). Whether you use it or not, approve of it or not, Grindr certainly is affecting gay culture. I think this is especially true for our generation and those younger than us. Thoughts?

I’ve seen the emotional effects of grindr on friends who play the hook up game. They keep saying they’re trying to not feel lonely, which is understandable to a degree. But let’s face it, fucking a stranger isn’t good for anyone’s emotional well being and will be a temporary fix. God made sex as a gift for us, and Grindr abuses that gift.

LOL. God doesn’t exist. Sex is natural and fun. Try to break free of your christian-centric heteronormative conditioning dude!