I just sent Grindr a feedback message


Hello, I have been a big fan or your service. My profile was recently moderated because it violated guidelines for having profanity, and I am completely fine with that. However, the guideline just below it says “no text that incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind.” I am offended that this guideline is not enforced. Time after time I see profile text that often states “no asians” or “no blacks.” I understand people can’t help what they’re attracted to, but for people to be allowed to openly express themselves in such a negative and demeaning way is disgraceful. Statements like these cause immeasurable psychological harm to to people belonging to these racial subsets. Every time they go online, whether it be your service or somewhere else, they bare the brunt of these statements. So I am simply providing feedback, and asking that if you are going to enforce the guideline of “no profanity or curse words”, then please enforce all guidelines and when you see text such as “no asians/blacks” to please moderate them appropriately. Thank you for your time.

CONGRATULATIONS on taking a positive step to help your community. I am so damned proud of you. I have actually spoken with Grindr about this directly, and on the positive side they have started censoring profiles that say “no rice, no curry, no spice”, but they are still too worried about “offending” the people who write NO ASIANS etc, and have fallen behind the “we don’t want to curtail free speech” defence.

That said, I did not get the impression they were ignoring my arguments, and I do not believe the subject is closed.

Keep the pressure up, because what you have just done is right in every possible way.