Well this guy has been sent in a few times so thought he should be put up.

A common defence of these homophobic heteronormals is the “if I’m not attracted to women then am I sexist?” line. They think they’ve hit us with this overly clever piece of logic when in fact they’ve just shown us how little brain activity is really occurring. No, not being attracted to women does not make a person sexist. However, implying that gay men who YOU might not consider masculine are women IS sexist AND homophobic. Again, we ask, what’s so wrong with femininity (expressed in males OR females) that it needs to be denigrated and insulted?

And as for the spice/rice comment, I hate to break it to this racist arsehole, but yes it totally is racist. Whilst there is debate about whether “No Asians/No Indians” are racist comments or just preference (and you all know what side of that debate I’m on), there’s actually NO DEBATE about the use of “no rice/no spice/no curry.” Even Grindr agrees with me on this one, and they have started to censor arseholes like this guy who use these statements. It is very unlikely that his comments here will be displayed much longer on his pathetic profile. Using sweeping statements that stereotype entire races is in fact (shock horror) RACIST! So if I eat rice, curry, or use spices, am I somehow an Asian, Indian, or Latino? What if I eat all three at once? What would that make me then? And what about Asians who eat meat pies instead of rice? What race are they then? Do they instantly become white yobbos and go fuck a sheep? Illogical right? Well maybe not for all the racist homophobic sheep-fuckers I admit.

Yes, illogical. Just like this dickhead’s profile.