The “joke” reads: GUY: So I heard about the stolen generation. ABORIGINAL: I don’t know nuffin bout no stolen generator. For those of you who aren’t Australian, the “stolen generation” refers to one of the worst chapters in Australia’s already shocking history of genocide and abuse against the original inhabitants and owners of this land. Aboriginal children who appeared lighter skinned were, for many decades, stolen from their families and placed with white christian families. So not only does this appalling joke ridicule one of the most painful chapters in recent Aboriginal history, it also reinforces the negative stereotype that all aboriginals are guilty-minded thieves. Furthermore, it reinforces another negative stereotype that indicates Aborigines cannot speak English as well as the “educated, superior” white Australians. The owner of the shop, when hearing that people were rightfully insulted by this garbage, rather than doing the moral thing and apologising, of course defended herself. She rubbed salt into the wound by saying “I’m not actually having a go a them.” Actually, you ignorant cow, you are “having a go at them.” DISGUSTING. I’ve written about this bullshit idea of “Aussie Humour” before. White Australians think there’s nothing wrong with racism if it’s intended as a joke. I know some white Australians who still name their family pets “Nigger” if it is a black dog. And they have the audacity to behave in an offended manner if someone points out just how fucking insulting that term is. This is 2012, not 1812. THIS IS DISGUSTING, INSULTING, APPALLING RACISM, HAPPILY BROADCAST OUT THE FRONT OF A WHITE PERSON’S SHIT-HOLE OF A SHOP, IN 2012. The worst thing about this story is the appalling comments made by the white privileged arseholes of Australia. To give outsiders a perspective, these sorts of comments are the norm here in this forsaken, ignorant backwater of a country.  “Can’t you take a joke?” “It’s just a joke.” “Lighten up Australia!” “If New Zealanders and blonde girls don’t get upset, then you Aboriginals shouldn’t get upset either.” And I will quote John of Perth, spokesperson for all the ignorant, bigotted, piece of shit white privileged pricks who bring nothing but shame on this whole country: “The biggest joke of all is political correctness and that this beautiful country of ours is turning into a place governed by so many “social rules” that if your not a left wing loony your wrong. My advice to those that find this joke offencive is not to read it. absolutly no harm could come of it if “feel sorry for us” minoritys didnt kick up a stink. ripper joke from a true aussie.” And here’s Martin from Mulgrave, another spokesman of the white, ignorant, stupid and privileged. He doesn’t think people deserve respect unless they assimilate into white culture, and just “get over themselves” despite over two centuries of abuse. He’s a proponent of “blame the victim” logic. I wonder if he thinks women who are raped were “asking for it”?: “Aboriginals demand respect, yet per capita have massive unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and substance abuse rates, and high incarceration numbers. We have tried to help them, but they refuse help from the ‘White Man’. There has to come a day when they stop blaming others for the poor perception of their ancient culture and start being responsible by integrating. This whole, “white man” cryathon has only kept them down. We have moved on. Why can’t they. And of course, the left-wingers will continually cry out for justice – despite the fact that Kevin Rudd apologised. Some people will never be satisfied.”   This is the disgusting mental state of the every-day white Australian, and its getting worse. Rudimentary schooling does nothing to remove this kind of white privileged ignorance.   The FACT is that this evil, mindless, hateful “joke” perpetuates the myth that Aboriginal Australians, the true owners of this land, are nothing more than illiterate thieves.   And I’ll give you another FACT: these white privileged Australian arseholes are the descendants of true thieves – convicts who were sent to colonise a land that belonged to someone else.   This country calls itself the “clever country” and loves to constantly pat itself on the back about how amazing it is. But when you read the bigoted comments underneath this news item, you see the real Australia, and there’s nothing clever about it, and nothing to be proud of. Here’s the news piece, but go click on the link to see a photo of the offending “joke”: A QUEENSLAND cafe is at the centre of a brewing storm after numerous people branded a sign outside its shop as racist. Caboolture resident Ranald Link said he was disgusted when he saw it at Tarmac Takeaways in Aerodrome Rd on Friday and further angered when staff refused to remove it. Mr Link, an Aboriginal man whose grandmother and great grandmother were members of the stolen generations, said the message disrespected the pain they experienced at being taken from their families. Mr Link said the sign also stereotyped Aboriginals as thieves. “We don’t go around saying every white person is a thief… so why should they stereotype us?” he said. There have been more than 90 comments on his Facebook page since he posted a photo of the sign on Sunday. Mr Link said he had also received more than 300 other messages. The shop’s owner, who wanted to be known only as Janelle, said the “joke” was something her daughter had seen on Facebook and was not something she had made up to cause offence. Janelle said she had been putting jokes about various groups, such as blondes and New Zealanders, outside her shop for 10 years and this was the first time someone had complained. “I’m not actually having a go at them,” she said. People who contacted the Northern Times were outraged by the sign. Cassy Stewart said: “Shame on Tarmac Takeaways… . There is no place for racism anywhere.” Sharlea Nicholson from Bribie Island said it was “disgusting”. “This is just a step backwards for the Aboriginal community in Caboolture,” she said. Some who commented on Mr Link’s Facebook page were fired up, but older people urged calm. Janelle said she would be more careful in future. “I’ll definitely not put anything like that out again. I’ll keep it pretty bland,” she said.

Australia’s White Scum Make Us All Look Like Ignorant Animals