I Don’t Believe In Gay Marriage



Because I don’t believe in marriage.


Because I don’t have a religion and I believe marriage is a religious union between two people that can occur with or without some state-sanctioned marriage licence.

But what about equal rights?

You mean the fact that it uses a different word? That’s all it is. Having gay marriage in Australia won’t change anyone’s views. It won’t change this idea that the only way gays will be accepted is if they’re straight outside the bedroom. It won’t make all the people who hate gays suddenly start painting rainbows and singing George Michael songs. The only thing that will perhaps get that message across is the idea of removing state marriages.

That’s right, I’m talking about making all straight marriages legally termed civil unions.

If there’s no difference between marriage and civil union (as we’ve been told) then what’s the big deal? People who want a marriage can still go to a church and get married under their god. I’ve even met priests who will conduct gay marriages. And for all you people out there who are in this to stick it to any religious authority who’s ever told you you’re going to burn in hell, I pose this to you: isn’t showing them that their views are no longer relevant to our laws the most powerful thing you can do?

I know everyone will disagree with me and this is an idea that’s harder to get up than gay marriage. I’d also like to clarify that if I had to vote on gay marriage then I would be for it. But this is my statement. I don’t believe in marriage but I believe in equality. The only reason there’s an argument is because there is a different term, something that makes us different from straight people. Everyone tells me that I need to conform to the straight ideal to be happy but what I say is this: what if they had to conform to us?

End state marriage, make civil unions a symbol of equality.

Just think about it.

I agree with you, except that marriage isn’t just a religious union. That’s what these shit-head christian psychopaths keep trying to tell us and they are wrong. Marriages existed way before the christian god was a twinkle in some datura-tripping desert-misogynist’s wild crazy imma-gown-rape-your-daughter’s eye. But apart from that one point, I totally agree with you 😛