Some of your followers are sooooooo bad. One in particular describes himself as a:

Hetero-normatively Brainswashed 
Anti-pride Homosexual.

Girl if this is the kind of follower you need for props when your ego feels threatened, then you need some new followers! You’re not doing the gay community any favours courting this kind of psychotic, anti-gay, self-hating douche!*** 

Also, I’m proud of you for getting into college, but you’re still a gayby! And your ego is totally in the way of you soaring. One day maybe… but not today.

You also thanked me for all your new followers, in a way that suggested you think I’ve somehow sabotaged myself by increasing your follower count. Again, some followers are not worth having. From another perspective, your blog shouldn’t be about how many followers you have (ego once more in the way), it should be about your personal expression and the satisfaction it brings. I can only assume by your comment about followers that you’re the type who seeks validation in the form of how many people might see one of your posts on their dash. That’s not very healthy!

As for your reaction to my criticisms, the language, the name-calling, and the “demand for credentials” is truly hilarious. From what I can see, none of you have even finished your first degrees! And as for credentials, last I checked Tumblr wasn’t requiring the production of University transcripts before allowing people to blog (if they were, then YOU wouldn’t be here, having not yet graduated).

You also proved how little understanding you have of my purpose when you stated my blog wouldn’t force you to date outside your “preferences” (in fact they are probably “prejudices” but hey, that’s another argument.) If you think my purpose is to force people to fuck men they aren’t attracted to, then you aree truly deluded on that point.

You also claim my blog doesn’t have “proper scholarly backing”. Can I laugh out loud now?! This blog’s purpose is to raise awareness of an issue. The quickest way to turn people off is by using the language of academia. I can tell from your attitudes here that when it comes to being a scholar, you’re still on your training wheels.

Anyways, this could go on and on, I’ve had my say, and you will no doubt have more to say again, and I’m not too keen on wasting my breath any further. There’s a lot of material on my blog that would serve you and prove to you just how much you’ve misinterpreted the issues here (if you are indeed capable of reading and understanding it – debatable), although I am 100% your ego will deny you access to reading them. If that’s the case, then remain in the dark with your new followers. Sigh.

That said, at the very least I’m extremely happy what I’m doing has challenged you so much – because to challenge the likes of you is precisely my mission here.

 ***(PS I feel sorry for “weonlysuffocate”, I truly do – he’s one of the most self-hating people I’ve seen on Tumblr, and its truly saddening.)