The Gay Pentagon




The Pentagon has announced it will organise its first official event to recognise gay and lesbian troops.

It’s a major turn-around from the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, where queers were thrown out of the military if their sexualities were discovered, but could serve if they remained in the closet and no one found out.

Thirteen thousand men and women were chucked out of the US Military during the life of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’.

Why would they have wanted to be in the US Military in the first place? Why would people persecuted by the military want to be members of it, especially when it’s one of the most notorious killing machines on the planet.

As a GLBTI community, should we be putting our energies into overturning repressive institutions, rather than joining them? Or does joining them force them to change from within?

It’s a similar situation to what many gay Catholics face.

Remember the Rainbow Sash Movement? Where gays and lesbians and our supporters would wear the Rainbow Sash to Holy Communion, only to be turned away by the likes of Australian Cardinal George Pell.

Why on earth would they want the Church’s validation after it has done that?

Is it a case of drawing comfort through being integrated into the systems of those who have oppressed us?

Is it a sign of conservatism, where we want to be accepted by outdated or, in the case of the US Military, groups that practise violent and barbaric things.

Does it mean our community will turn a blind eye when other groups experience the discrimination we have experienced?

Does acceptance breed complacency?

I think it’s clearly another manifestation of the assimilationist disease that has infected faggottry to the core in the last decade. Faggots everywhere have sold their souls in exchange for he begrudging acceptance of society’s most hateful institutions – begrudging acceptance that’s only ever given to those of us who “act straight”, the “heteronormals”. Those of us who are still queer, who are still faggots, who still demand to be accepted for our uniqueness, can rot in hell as far as the assimilationists are concerned. Fuck the churches, fuck the military, and fuck the boring as death lives so many of us have desperately sold-out for. Why kiss the hand that beats you?

Complain that we can’t be in the military when we can’t, and then complain that we can be in the military, because they had previously had outdated policies. You’re confusing your misguided politics, and views on the military with actually doing something about homophobia.

You’re a faux activist. If you don’t want to join the military? That’s fine, and no one is asking you to. On the other hand though, you can’t demand equality for the community, and then spew hatred towards groups based only on what you think they mean to do.

You are as xenophobic, and theophobic as those you are attacking.

The cycle of hatred has to end somewhere. Why not here.

Faux-activisim? I think somewhere along the line you’ve completely missed the point, and the argument you use is straight out of the De-Railing for Dummies handbook. It’s not a matter of “complaining when we can’t, complaining when we can”. I understand why people would want equality in terms of gays serving in the military, and so on that level I would agree with you. But I also completely understand and completely agree with why people think we shouldn’t be propping up these hyper-masculinised institutions and attempting to gain acceptance from the groups who so readily oppress us. It’s too much, like I said before, like kissing the hands that beats us. But rather than go on and on with you here, it would be great for you to do some research for yourself on exactly why there are a large number of queers (real, queer ACTIVISTS) who oppose the mainstream gay push for gays in the military. You could start by clicking here and reading this. And whilst you’re reading it, keep in mind that the ex-soldier this post relates to wrote to me later and let me know he really liked the article, and agreed totally with its sentiment.