Ask yourself what you are worried about if same-sex marriage is legalized. Whatever your answer is, ask yourself if you really believe what you just came up with. Homosexuality is not going to spread. It is not communicable. Society is not going to turn into a Lady Gaga video. Most gay couples I know are just as boring as you and I. They sit on the couch and watch television. They work at the post office, the hospital, the grocery store, and at real estate agencies, just like heterosexuals do. They eat out at restaurants and shop at Target. Many have pot bellies and don’t have much fashion sense, just like me. They own pets, and go to church. They volunteer, sing Christmas carols, and buy Girl Scout cookies. What are you afraid of? What is going to change by allowing these people to commit to one another and enjoy the benefits that you and I enjoy: tax breaks, insurance breaks, bereavement leave, medical leave to care for a sick partner, domestic violence protection, visitation of partner in the hospital, burial determination, medical decisions on behalf of partner. Really sexy stuff. You and I take these things for granted. Nobody wants to go through life not knowing how they will deal with some of these difficult moments in life. Imagine if you were denied any of the above rights when the time came for you and your spouse to exercise that right? I’ll tell you what it would feel like. It would feel like you were a second-class citizen.

Why A Heterosexual, Married, North Carolinian Father Of Three Cares About LGBT Equality  (via blua)


(via voguefemme) I agree with the sentiment of this guy from North Carolina (he’s a great ally to the non-heterosexual communities). But once again it’s the whole focus on how “normal” gays are that bothers me. Sure there are many “heteronormal” couples out there, but there are a bucket-load of non-heteronormative couples as well, who don’t go to church, who don’t have a shit fashion sense, who are eccentric, who lead totally non-conformative sex lives, who are extremely alternative to the norm, and they are not mentioned at all. They are being invisiblised by the equality movement, and its not right. It’s the same with all statements coming from the curent batch of equal righters – assimilation, assimilation, assimilation. I remember when the Olympic Games came to Sydney in 2000, and the government relocated as many Aborigines as it could so the international “community” didn’t have to see how badly the owners of our land are treated. The equal marriage rights movement is doing the same thing to all the queer “undesirables”. WE ARE NOT ALL “NORMAL”. BUT WE ALL DESERVE THE SAME RIGHTS.