I find it absolutely interesting that there are so many people who say, "No Asians" where you're from (I'm assuming Australia?). In New York, I have seen so many guys say, "WHITES ONLY" or "No Blacks". One of the even more interesting things is that when you only search for Asian guys, they all say they only want white guys! And this isn't even on Grindr but Adam4Adam. it was so shocking and a little bit scary. Only like two Asian guys said they didn't have a preference.

It’s definitely not confined to the world of Grindr, and has been around in some form or another for a long time. I have never been to New York so can’t comment on the Asian scene there but I think in Australia there are a lot of Asians who are attracted to other Asians. The phenomenon you mention (Asians only wanting a white partner) definitely exists, and just goes to show how pervasive our social conditioning in the west really is.