I have been noticing that alot of gay supporters (especially the young ones) have been blindly supporting an issue with out taking the time to really know what it's about. I hear many straight people say "all people are equal" and "I love gay guys, lets go shopping!" Then in the next second they say somthing anti-gay without realizing. I feel as though this growing level of trendiness in supporting gays is creating an influx of disingenous, uneducated "supporters". What do you think?

I think that you and I are sharing the same brain (not in a zombie kind of way). Equality is not equality if equality only applies to people who look, think, sound, and act the same. Equality is equality when people from all the diverse aspects of humanity have access to the identical set of rights and privileges. Promising me the rights I already deserve in exchange for behaving like the heteronormative majority does not make me feel very privileged or free.