I loved what you said just there, "we're not all normal but we deserve the same rights" to me for us to all be truly equal we must all be different, and loved for our unique-ness, if we are all the same then none of us would be equal.

Well said. We are not carbon copies of each other, we are all unique. I couldn’t be heteronormative even if I tried or wanted to. Why does my chance at achieving equality under the law rest on my ability to blend in? People talk about “living in a democracy” and “living in a free country” but that is just a joke. If freedom and democracy only applies to people who look, act, and think the same, then it’s not freedom or democracy at all, it’s a bloody Borg Collective. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. (Did I just refer to Star Trek Voyager? Showing my age and my appalling taste in TV… Sorry)