The more queer-folk are INVISIBLISED by the Gay Marriage Assimilationists, the LOUDER and MORE ANNOYING and MORE DOWNRIGHT QUEER and IN YOUR FACE those queer-folk have to become. Didn’t you know? Not all of us are Rich, White, & Masculine. If this means a Gay-vs-Queer CIVIL WAR then BRING THAT SHIT ON.

“Civil War?” Delusions of grandeur much? (via endlessvisionsandrevisions)

What does this even mean?

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sounds like it’s only aimed at males. “not all of us are masculine.” the queer movement is primarily het-male-identified.

the gay rights movement is actually homosexually oriented..

I for one am sick and tired of queer activism leeching off of the efforts of actual activists who risked their lives for the meager rights we lesbians and gays enjoy today..

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This is what it means… From a queer man’s perspective… The equal rights movement is dominated by wealthy, white, masculine-identifying gay males pushing an agenda that clearly states “we deserve our equal rights because we are normal just like you straight people.” It ignores, or invisiblises, all the diversity in the non-heterosexual community that does not fit the white, masculine, gay model, even though those groups are just as entitled to the same rights. And I, for one, and many other queers, are sick of it.