If effeminacy is such an act, so is masculinity

One of the biggest complaints the “straight acting masc” jokers make about so-called effeminate men is that they are “putting on an act” or “not being themselves”. Let’s ignore the obvious irony inherent in such a statement (the irony that someone who calls themselves “straight acting” is complaining that someone else is “acting” also).

With these guys, their heteronormative brainwashing is so strong they are convinced that “straight acting masc” is natural and normal, and effeminacy is an act. They imply that males just naturally behave in certain ways, that conditioning has nothing to do with it, and that men who “act gay” are making an effort to do so.

Maybe these “gay actors” are putting on an act? Maybe it is deliberate? You could argue that only the individual himself knows the answer.

But what about this? Maybe all the heterosexual males these “straight actors” idolise with such blind lust are acting as well? I can’t prove it of course, but my instincts scream out that this is true. I will give you an example:

This morning, as a sat in a cafe window, I watched a stereotypical heterosexual male park his pick-up truck which was covered in dirt in front of the cafe. Actually he had a lot of trouble parking the vehicle (ironic considering the stereotypical heterosexual male would joke that only Asians and women have a difficult time with parking – apparently being able to park a car is a masculine trait). He got out and was dressed in stereotypical construction-worker gear. He walked into the cafe and ordered himself a latté to take away. “G’day mate, yeah I’ll get a larday with two sugars.” His voice sounded completely forced. I’m sure he speaks like this all the time, but it sounded unnatural – as though he had worked very hard on speaking with as deep a voice as possible in a monotone and without any inflection. He just sounded…. “straight”.

Why am I writing this? Because I believe heterosexual men put as much effort into developing their “straight act” just as much as any effeminate man could be accused of developing his “gay act”. In this regard, heterosexuals aren’t natural and homosexuals aren’t unnatural. If one is putting on an act, so is the other.

And who cares, right? Well, when a self-hating internally homophobic “straight actor” starts accusing effeminate men of acting, I care. I’m thinking of people like Mr Matt Hissey from GOProud (ugh, even here in Australia I want to lock those traitors up!!!). Mr Hissey has been famously quoted as saying the words “normal and straight acting” to describe the kind of masculine gay he approves of (despite the obvious difficultly he has being said normal straight acting guy). I’m thinking of every single profile that says “no fem” and claims vehemently to be “masc”.

This is why these gender specific terms are stupid, because all of them describe an act. Where’s the authenticity? Aren’t we non-heterosexuals something more, something greater, than just mindless slaves to heteronormative constructs of gender? Why do we need to tell people “I’m this, I’m that”? What’s wrong with just BEING? Just EXISTING? Why the desperate need to label ourselves with terms that honestly DO NOT FIT? I know society treats us like shit, and it’s natural when you’ve been told you’re whole life how much you suck to want to prove yourself to those who beat you down. But there’s enough of us that we don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

I just wish we could focus on developing our own unique culture, instead of trying so hard to fit into the heteronormative model that we clearly exist outside of.