Nyk aka treebutt.tumblr.com from Phoenix is a Douchebag


omfg look at him. he’s horribly dressed and unkempt, plus his room LOOKS LIKE THERE WAS A HOBO ORGY WHY SERFGJKLSD;GTH

I am just disgusted at the way some gay men behave online. This douchebag “Nyk” from Phoenix decided the best way to deal with receiving a message from someone he didn’t find attractive was to SHAME that person online. Bear in mind whoever the guy was, he hasn’t written anything racist, homophobic, or otherwise fucked on his profile – his only crime was not being attractive enough for Nyk the Treebutt. Not only does this douchebag decide to shame this poor guy, he even adds the tag #HIS NIPPLES HAVE SO MUCH HAIR to further rub salt in the wound.

I see this kind of behaviour all the time from gay men, particularly when it comes to being approached by femme and/or Asian men. This appalling, nasty reaction to being messaged by someone they think is undesirable is shocking. All it shows is just how deeply unhappy, insecure, and self-hating they are.

If someone messages you and says hi, but you don’t think they are attractive, you can:

(a) say “thanks but no thanks”

(b) ignore them

(c) chat to them and maybe be friends only

(d) block them

But to shame them simply for not being your type – this is DISGUSTING.

Well, let’s have a look at Mr Treebutt, shall we? I can tell you right now, he’s no Adonis.

Nothing to write home to Mommy about, is he? Glass houses, stones, you know how it goes.