Fuck the Straight Pride parade

I still really pisses me off whenever I hear heterosexuals (and a growing number of homosexuals) complaining about Pride events, saying it just shows how we queers are trying to get special treatment. They usually go on to say that if we want to be treated equally, we should lock our shame back into the closet and start “acting normal”.

Well how’s this for normal? I’m sitting in a cafe right now. It’s Sunday morning. I thought I would read a book, read the paper, and do a bit of blogging. Instead the cafe has been completely overrun by heterosexuals with their children, who are loudly screaming and running around. The “adult” heterosexuals are loud, obnoxious, with the males making fun of the females with stupid sexist jokes (and the females are actually LAUGHING ALONG WITH THEM). They’re talking about mortgages, renovations, shopping, their SUV’s, and a myriad other items of mundanity.

The irony is they are surrounded by queerness. All the staff at this cafe are non-heterosexuals. That’s right, the single, unwealthy, non-heterosexuals are serving them their coffees and breakfasts. The art on the walls has been created by non-heterosexuals. The music being played is performed by non-heterosexuals.

Yes, these heterosexuals, for whom all of society’s laws and customs cater solely and directly, are, this morning at least, being completely and utterly served by a non-heterosexual community. A community that DOES NOT have equal access to those laws. These heterosexuals come to this cafe to make themselves feel funky and cool in amongst all the gayness, and then off back to their double-income lives, three cars, and annual family holidays overseas. They go back to their tax-breaks for couples, their breeding benefits, their secure jobs, their socially approved lifestyles. Oh, they like to think they are progressive, they like to say they support equal rights for all, but not a single fucking one of them does anything material to push for equal rights for all the fags and dykes and queers who poach their eggs.

So please stop complaining about the “special treatment” we non-heterosexuals apparently demand, because EVERY DAY IS STRAIGHT PRIDE, SHOVED IN ALL OUR FACES.