kris-g0: Ignorant Racist Melburnian on Tumblr

Now, I know there are white douchebags everywhere in the world. They make me so ashamed for being white myself. So incredibly ashamed. You know the ones, who think offensive language is totally ok, who blindly ignore anything that doesn’t fit into their ignorant views of race, gender, and sexuality. They’re the same people who whine about “political correctness gone mad” whenever anyone has the nerve to be offended at being discriminated against. These people tend to be highly UN-educated. Even those who somehow manage to get through a university degree still show a remarkable lack of critical thinking. Basically, the ignorant, bigotted conditioning of their childhoods is too strong, and they are too weak (or more correctly, too lazy) to break free from it. Added to this they tend to have tiny, weak egos who refuse to acknowledge common sense and decency when disagreed with.

kris-g0 is a poster boy for this type of person. We’ve heard it all before, people defending statements like NO ASIANS, NO INDIANS, NO CURRY, NO RICE as “just a sexual preference.” They don’t realise that the more enlightened among us already completely understand that sexual preferences based on race exist. Not only do we understand this basic concept, we also understand that social conditioning has a lot to do with attraction to one race over another. We also understand that for most people, this kind of social conditioning is almost impossible to restructure, and therefore people cannot be held responsible for being attracted to one race over another. 


We also understand that it is unacceptable to rub salt in the wounds of people of colour, and plaster all over our online profiles, visible to literally tens of thousands of people, NO ASIANS, NO INDIANS and the rest. It is absolutely unacceptable for non-heterosexuals, the most despised of all the minorities, to perpetuate this kind of racial segregation towards members of our own communities. It is absolutely unacceptable to invisiblise people of colour, to pretend they do not exist, and to publicly announce (through statements such as NO ASIANS) that they should NOT BE.

His blog is apparently just a “random mix of things” he likes and loves. Well, unfortunately, defending racist douchebags is one of those things. When confronted with this, and with a request to read “Why saying NO ASIANS / NO BLACKS etc is racist” he writes: 

YOU, LITTLE WHITE PRIVILEGED DOUCHEBAG, ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO FUCK ANYONE YOU DO NOT WANT TO FUCK. But if you want to perpetuate and/or defend statements that further demoralise and alienate the gay Asians in your own community, then you need to BACK THE FUCK UP.