The first thing out of this mouth is NO ASIANS. Which is pathetic considering the FACT that Asians are not knocking down the doors to get to him

I’ll change your life…Literally.

PS: I notice in the comments that kris-g0 and darkestknight32 have written there’s a difference between being racist and not being turned in by a certain race, and that age old chestnut “it’s just a preference”. To which I say: Firstly, spell out that difference. It’s one thing to say there’s a difference, it’s another thing entirely to explain it. Go on, explain it to us all. Secondly, don’t try to defend these arseholes who write NO ASIANS on their Grindr profiles. These statements are insensitive and demeaning to Asian gay men. EVEN IF we agreed these statements are not racist (which I don’t), they are at the very least insulting and hurtful to Asian gay men. Go and read the following link and stop defending people like the guy above: