This one was sent in to me. I couldn’t resist putting it up. He doesn’t say anything racist or homophobic, but I’d totally not be surprised if he did. White boys – we really teach them young how to be total dicks, don’t we?

PS I was totally waiting for someone to call me racist for stereotyping white guys as “total dicks”. And what a surprise, it happened instantly. It’s true I have a prejudice AGAINST white men, even though I am white myself. This has developed over time after observing the absolute foulness I’ve encountered from almost every white male I’ve ever met – honestly I have found it near on impossible to have a conversation with a white male without, at some point, them making some sort of sexist, homophobic, or racist statement or joke. But as a lot of people already know, prejudice against whites doesn’t prop up a system of privilege whereby the white guys, who have now become the butt of MY jokes, are affected negatively. Does anyone really believe that my prejudices against these people is ever going to make it difficult for them in society? Does anyone really believe my prejudices against white males will affect them from getting a job, getting sex, getting a partner, accruing wealth, finding friends, being accepted? Seriously? And further to this, how quickly do white people jump up and scream about “reverse racism” when someone treats them in the manner they have been treating others forever?! Sooooo quickly!!!! It’s the same old “you’re just as bad, you’re racist too” crap that we’ve all heard a million times. It’s fine for every minority to be the subject of jokes made by white people, although the moment the table is turned there’s outrage. Recently I posted a copy of an article from Queensland where a shopkeeper wrote a completely offensive “joke” about Aboriginal Australians on a chalkboard outside her shop. When Aboriginals complained about being offended, the whites, in unison, cried out “Where’s your sense of humour? Lighten up Australia, it’s just a joke!” Hmmm, but when a white person is being stereotyped, it’s not considered funny anymore. Why is that???