I couldn’t help it, it pissed me off


Looking at this guys profile on Plenty of Fish

Please read this and understand it. I am into masculine guys. So if in anyway you look feminine or have feminine mannerisms, I will not be responding. I like my men acting like men. If you do drag, wear women’s clothes or underwear, talk like you’re ghetto when you’re white, pluck your eyebrows, and if people can tell you’re gay by just having a conversation with you, I will not be interested. This is called a preference. We all can have them. So if you’re butthurt, move on, you will be more butthurt when I don’t respond. Real talk

Yeah, “real talk” yup. Real talk would be “I perfer more masculine guys, and would rather not date a femme” not putting down queens.
so I sent him a simple, polite message
“Watch your fucking tongue about queens.”

Translation: Please read and understand. I am insecure about being the receptive partner in homosexual penetrative sex, and to compensate for my insecurity, I have fetishised masculinity. So if you in any way look feminine or have feminine mannerisms, as defined by me and me alone, you will trigger my insecurities (all of which I am completely unconscious of), and this will cause me to ignore you or possibly react with a dramatic tantrum if you message me. I like men to act in a way that is aligned with heteronormative concepts of traditional masculinity, because I am deeply unhappy that I was born a homosexual, and wish to mimic heterosexual norms as closely as possible in order to minimise the amount of differentness other people perceive when they deal with me, mainly because I am very scared to be myself. My main fears are that heterosexual people will think that, by being homosexual, I automatically do drag, wear women’s clothes and underwear, talk ghetto even though I’m white, pluck my eyebrows, and can be perceived as being gay just by having a conversation with me. This is called a deep insecurity and fear about being homosexual, which I call “preference” as a defence to being questioned about why I dislike my homosexuality so much. If you are offended by my self-hatred projected outwards onto my own community, too bad, because I am not yet far enough up the evolutionary ladder to authentically and honestly communicate who I am to the world.