Anderson’s Long Wait


Why did tv presenter Anderson Cooper take 84,000 years to come out?

Rumours he was gay had circulated for years and it was considered a given, like when KD Lang was assumed to be a lesbian before she came out. But she didn’t wait for ages.

Did he want to reach the top of his career pathway before he did it? Did he fear he wouldn’t gravitate up the crisco poll if he didn’t wait?

For those of us who have been out all our adult lives and did the tough push-ups, the response is, “Glad you grew a guts, Anderson, but we made it easier for you.”

Now he’s the most talked about gay man in America. Until the next gay celebrity does a Mother Confessional. Oh wait, Anderson didn’t. At least not at first. He got a close friend to release an e-mail to show he’s gay.

As yet, the forty-five-year-old silver fox hasn’t paraded out a husbear, making him a very eligible gay batchelor.

Stay tuned for his next big gay announcement, which will probably be, “I’m getting married”.

Unless an ex-gay lover tosses the spanish donuts first about getting jiggy.

The Today Show has accused Anderson of coming out to boost his ratings.

Star Jones from Today said it was like when Oprah Winfrey said she’d used crack to boost her show’s following.

Jones said it was an industry trick, to release highly personal information to get publicity, and attrack more viewers.

On that front, Anderson, it’s game set and match Miss Navratilova.