The Bad Joke


Sometimes I feel like I’m part of a bad joke when people talk about what they’ve been able to buy.

The big one is when they talk about the house they’ve bought or the new weekender.

Sometimes they’re gay. But contrary to the pink dollar stereotype they’re usually straight. I guess that’s because most people are.

The conversation often morphs into dilemmas about where they’re going to send their kids to high school and how hard the choices are.

It usually boils into uncertainty about which well-resourced, trendy, inner city school to pick or which private school to select.

It makes me wonder where they get their money from.

I often wonder if a lot of straight men are able to get well-paid jobs because of society’s need to provide for the middle class family unit.

You feel like you’ve been left out when they bang on about what they have.

You often get the information about what they have when they’re talking about what they need.

Their expressions of why they’re not satisfied materially gives away info about how much they actually have.

I feel like if I was a middle class straight man with a female partner, then more doors would open for me. I can see why families living in poverty are so angry.

Maybe I need to get out more among same-sex families with kids and see if they have this entitlement bias.

Hopefully, they’re not saying they voted conservative to “help the kids”.