*cont* and actively stood up against racism, and defended my friends when any arose. I'm seeing this increasingly on tumblr, and it's irritating me. Racism is discrimination or action taken because of someone's race, irrespective of that race's history, or prior discrimination towards that particular ethnic group. Sure, it's more prevalent against people who are not caucasian, but that does not have any bearing on anyone's negative actions toward anyone else, whatever their colour.

I understand where you are coming from to a point, but I don’t agree with you. First, I’m sorry you were attacked. It would have been fucking traumatic and I agree you don’t deserve that. But I see the attack as a symptom of white racism.

I think you can thank your government and its propaganda machine (the “media”) for the attack on you. You can thank them for decades of misinformation and fear-mongering against Muslims. You can thank them for the systemic discrimination they have engendered against Arabs and Muslims which has caused those people to suffer all the negative effects of racism that are discussed on Tumblr – the psychological damage it causes, which flows on to affect the level of education these people attain, and then flows on to affect the opportunities they receive to make a decent living (all of which are worse and fewer than the opportunities white people have).

You are white. You suffered something horrific from the backlash. The people who did this to you should be punished. But they also should be understood. And you should understand that white privilege and white racism were the root cause of the suffering you ultimately endured.

In my mind you didn’t suffer from Muslim racism against whites, you suffered the consequences of white racism against Muslims. We’ve scrutinised these people and put them under pressure for so long, and to expect them NOT to retaliate seems very naive. And to call it racism? I just dont see it that way.

I don’t expect you to agree, but that’s just what I believe.