Something I'm curious about: Sharon Needles. She's accepting of all peoples it seems, but she's been known to use racial slurs and parodies for comedy and shock value. What are your views on her?

Hmmmm Sharon Needles! Ok well I’m gonna have to start by saying that I’m totally open to being corrected on my views about her! She is well hated on Tumblr!!!

From what I have read (which was her Wikipedia page and a couple of interviews), someone hacked her Facebook account and made it look like she said the N-word. I don’t have a Facebook account, and I don’t know how plausible that story is. I know that based on what I read, she didn’t appear to be racist to me.


I also know there was a huge outcry against her on Tumblr and elsewhere, so I’m sure there are others on here who could shed more light on the story for me.

One thing I would love to find out is what RuPaul thinks about it all.