AIDS-hating teenagers on Grindr need to STFU


When shirtless tools showing off their muscles on Grindr try to change the way you look. LOL. #gay #grindr (Taken with Instagram)

To the original poster of this image: you are a disgusting person. “An easy whore with AIDS”? – you fucking disgusting animal. Don’t you know how many people were decimated by that disease in the 80’s and 90’s. They weren’t whores, they were just people, expressing their sexuality the way they are free to do so. The whole non-heterosexual community has been scarred by AIDS, and people like you should learn some respect rather than mouthing off with your uneducated, bigoted, ignorant filth. If you are ever unfortunate enough to become infected with HIV, I hope you manage to find some people who will be more accepting and less of a total arsehole than you are right now. Shut the fuck up and fuck off, douchebag.

And while we’re here, how about we all have a look at what YOU look like:

A democrat? With the comment above, you’d be more comfortable hanging out with GOProud. I don’t care if you are only a teenager – you’re a teenager who should shut his pie-hole and learn some respect.

(This is what you could call ANGRY AS FUCK)

PS: 16 July 2012. This little scumbag contacted me (they always do), claiming that I was “out of line” because he was put on this earth to make fun of things, including AIDS. He stated “AIDS can be funny”. So when he has it, we need to all start laughing. And furthermore, if everything is so hilarious to this douchebag (who’s parents owe society an explanation), I’m wondering why he has such an issue with being called out?