Okay, so I totally understand the purpose of the blog and I get that there is a look of hate within the community, but what do suggest is a better way of defining your preferences? I have a very specific type and do not typically find myself being attracted to black or asian men or men who tend to be more effeminate. I don't hate these people. I won't be rude to these people. I'm simply just not attracted to them. So what do you want me to do/say?

I find this is a very common question that white gay men seem to ask me. I find it very frustrating. I keep asking myself why white gay men feel the need to label specifically all the things they dislike in others, be it characteristics such as effeminacy or race. I wonder why they need to define their “preferences” by what they “don’t want”. I wonder why their focus is constantly on the negative. I wonder why, as a race, most gay white men feel it important to let other races know just how unattracted they are to them. For such a superior species (white) they sure have a difficult time thinking outside their narrow cis-white square.

How about this for a suggestion: “I’m a bottom guy, looking for other guys for [insert desire: sex, fun, friendship etc].” Then if/when you get a message from an Asian or an African or whatever, you can do the exact same thing you would do if a white guy you weren’t attracted to said hi – which would be to ignore him or say “thanks, but I don’t think we are a match.”

Simple, no?