I hate to be an ass, But i really am lost on your goals here. For one, i have worked for the Department of Health here in Massachusetts and i work primarily with the LGBT community. At first i agreed with you that there may be a partial bias of both racism and Homophobia within the community as a whole.But after having a discussion with my group i think you may be way off the mark. Please give some better reasons for this Phenomina that you claim

Firstly, the word is spelled “phenomena”. Secondly, this blog has over 1250 posts, and contained within them are as many reasons as you need. Thirdly, it sounds to me like your “group” might be a little confronted by this issue and has chosen to sweep it under the carpet. Fourthly, it amazes me how many people criticise but come up with absolutely no solution themselves – you say i am off the mark but you dont give any reasons why (not a single one). So instead of telling me to “come up with better justifications”, why dont you come up with specific and lucid reasons why im so wrong?

I think the uncomfortable truth of gay racists and homophobes has gotten to you. Judging from the overwhelming feedback I’ve received from gay men and people of colour, I would say far from being off the mark, I’ve hit it right in the centre.

Anyways, go to my page Gay School 101. You might find what you’re looking for there?