THANK YOU for this tumblr!! I haven't used these apps and sites for a long time because I just got so sick of all the "straight-acting", sexist, transphobic, racist asshats. And I find it so hard to connect with gay dudes IRL because of this shit, too. So, now, when dudes tease me for having mostly queer women and transmen as friends, I'm going to just refer them to your tumblr when I can't muster the energy for a "teachable moment" or a "fuck you."

And THANK YOU for following! I feel the same way. The way our so-called community has become is very depressing. Online, or in the physical world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to connect on an real, genuine level. Beauty, nuances, difference, creativity, and above all ROMANCE – all of it seems to have fallen to the side. There’s just no room for these things any more, what with a majority of non-heterosexual men’s energy being directed towards being STRAIGHT ACTING MASC. I hope some day we wake up from the nightmare we’ve been experiencing since the advent of online gay “dating” sites, but I’m not holding my breath. Just a small glimmer of hope when people like yourself make your presence known 🙂