This guy wrote to me asking for his face to be covered up, even though his profile is public domain. He then went on to write this:

“It’s actually kinda funny that you think I’m a homophobe. I live with a gay rights activist and have been to every march and protest. I was the event manager for mardi gras after party and my mum has PFLAG on the sunshine coast”.

Sound familiar? That’s because it is. It’s the identical argument as saying “I’m not a homophobe, one of my friends is gay” or “I’m not racist, I knew an Asian once”.

Well, with all the “gay pridin’” this guy has done, you would think a statement like “don’t be a fairy” would be the last thing one would read on his profile.

Honestly, I’m sick of these people. And this guy in particular. What is it mate? Acceptance for the “non-fairies” only? Is that your ideal gay pride and Mardi Gras and PFLAG group. Where nice, normal, masculine gays get cuddles and the fairies get told to man-up? PFFT.