After reading over your blog for over two hours, I have come to the conclusion that you will never be satisfied until our planet just turns into one giant orgy where everyone is fucking everyone (especially whites finally fucking asians!).

Now, my first reaction was to write somethng witty and insulting in response, but then I noticed you are only in high school so I changed my mind. It’s sad that you completely misunderstand what this blog is about, but I’m optimistic that over the coming years, as your mind expands and you mature, more and more of these sorts of concepts will make more sense.

Being as young as you are, you will still be heavily influenced by heteronormativity. Despite the growing acceptance from mainstream society of non-heterosexuality, it is still only a marginal and narrow-minded acceptance of what it truly means to be queer. The most frustrating part of heteronormative conditioning is just how many gay youths regurgitate the language of oppression as fact.

Needless to say, there are many posts on my blog that say exactly the opposite of what you have just claimed it is about. Keep reading.