So like I keep saying, more and more of these profiles are appearing. They are disturbing. They show a real disease in the minds of gay men.

So straight up we have the obligatory demand for “masculinity” followed immediately by the predictable attack on something “gay” (in this case “fairies”). All that’s in play here is a male that has had no positive gay role model or ideal to aspire to in his entire life. All he could look up to was hyper-masculinised sports heros and actors, all of whom are heterosexual, or closeted homosexuals. All this does is teach all of us, from birth, that to be gay is bad. 

So after demanding we all be as masculine as he deems fit, and then after insulting us all for being fairies (his perception only), he then goes on to complain that he can’t find any “decent guys” and that “romance” is dead.

He can’t see what’s written all over his profile: that he is in fact NOT a decent guy, and that romance would be impossible with a person who is so acutely focussed on whether or not someone is “masculine” enough.

The sooner he can get over his obsession with masculinity and find out who he actually is (the real him, not the “real bloke” invention going on in his head) the better it will be for all of us who already know and respect ourselves. 

I for one take personal offence to every single one of these obnoxious profiles that insult mysexuality and demand me to be something I don’t have any obligation to be. I know who I am already, and as far as I’m concerned that’s the main prerequisite for being a “real man”.