This guy has nearly all the “insecure about my sexuality” clichés. The only one missing is “normal”.

But seriously, the only thing this guy lacks is authenticity. Who is he really? No one knows, not even himself. He’s not allowed to be real, it would get in the way of all the “straight acting masc” going on.

Let’s reconstruct his profile using the truth:

5’11” toned and solariumed, with black hair and eyes. I look fit but probably couldn’t run around the block, I try very hard to act masculine and I immitate the straight men I wish would fuck my man-pussy, because I’m insecure about being a bottom and overcompensate with hyper-masculinity at every opportunity. I am discreet because I’m too scared to come out of the closet mainly because I’m worried people will treat me in the same way I treat other gays: i.e. with derision, contempt, and ridicule. Looking for someone as self-hating and unconscious as me so we can project our disgust onto each other.