Your iGays post is a pretty concise interpretation of the unfortunate grindr infested gay community. I agree with everything you say. It is sad that masculinity and femininity are confused with sexual orientation. That saying " just a preference" is really a clever close minded way of covering racism. But before I delve further into a rant, I just want to thank you for posting that essay. Ps just this weekend some prick says to me "I'm not attracted to you but your friend is cuter." Ah gays.

Thanks for following. I’ve been criticised a little because of that piece, but most of the reaction has been pretty positive which gives me some hope. I’ve been told to just “relax, chill out its only Grindr” but I think that attitude is the main problem. Howndomyou “chill out” when your own community is behaving like a pack of animals every day? It’s great so many guys like you have appeared in support, because it makes me believe we can make a positive difference.