Guy#1: shows his face (edited to protect his identity). He tells us what he likes to do. He doesn’t disparage, ridicule, or hate on anyone. His profile is exactly that: HIS PROFILE. It focuses on HIM. And what he likes. He is confident but not full of himself. He is ACTUALLY “DTE”, mainly because he doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to the world. Simple. What one could easily call a “nice” guy or “genuine”. Yes you can tell all these things from less that 120 characters.

Guy#2: won’t show his face. Is insecure, expressed through a filter of arrogance (he calls himself good looking). He lumps “campy queens and Asians” into the same “undesirable” category. As we all know these statements come from an unconscious fear of being judged for “acting gay”. Has to denigrate others to feel better about himself. Shallow, desperate, and hates himself (projected outwards).