Blah blah blah we get it, you’re scared people can tell you’re gay…¬†


If you DO LIKE the term “str8 acting” chances are you’re:

1. very insecure about your sexuality;

2. intensely insecure about being the receptive partner in homosexual anal sex (i.e. a bottom), so much so that most of the time you lie to other people a claim you’re “strictly top”;

3. unaccepting of the diversity of the non-heterosexual community because you fear not being accepted for who you are by heterosexuals;

4. so damaged from being brought up in a heteronormative, homophobic environment that you try to imitate heterosexuals and their homophobia as a way of fitting in;

5. frightened that other people can tell that you are gay and dislike you for that;

6. unaware that the only reason you can show your face on Grindr and make these insulting statements without fear of losing your job, being bashed, ridiculed, or murdered is because all the “queens” you hate so much stood up for their rights and yours and copped the brunt of homophobia at the beginning of the gay rights movement, and are still doing this for you today (you disrespectful creature);

7. going to deny all of these statements because the truth of them makes you so frightened it gives you nightmares.


Gee I wonder why this charming character finds boys harder work than girls? Hmmm…

Is it:

His arrogance (the whole “good looking, fit” rubbish)? His claim that he is fun (get F…ked)? The fact he has no face pic (classic Time Waster)? His internalised ¬†homophobia and insecurity about his sexuality (claims he is “masc” coupled with “fems need not apply” – as though they would)?¬†

Or is it the ultimate of ironies? That he demands we all “think before [we] talk”?

Right now I’m wanting an extremely large toilet so that I may flush him down it.

Yawn. Here’s yet another homophobic gay guy on Grindr. As soon as I saw the word “normal” (repeated twice) on his profile, I knew that by “normal” he meant “not gay”. And what a surprise, his description of normal was “not a queenie head fuck.” These people are an embarrassment to themselves, and are no friend to any self-respecting gay man. If its using the language of homophobia, then it’s a homophobe – simple.