Demanding equal rights makes some heterosexuals feel oppressed… LOL


I would like to say:
Walk through a mall holding the hand of someone of the opposite sex. Will that generate a dirty look? Bring home someone of the opposite sex to meet your family

What if it is an interracial couple they are still Hetero-Sexual but they can get dirty looks from some close minded individuals; parents who disprove based on their upbringing seen predominately with old school Euros’s.

Should we make a “Interracial Daters Parade”? Is a Gay Pride parade needed? Do you think that showcasing what is seen during the parade be acceptable? Any child can look out a window and see some things a kid could not? Is that fair for a child to be exposed to sexual acts showcased on a float. (… Would you like your 6yr old to see that?

Does a working class wo/man have to look out his/her window and see things that he may not like to? Its one thing to want people to accept it; its another to shove it down their throats.

You want equal rights? or special treatment because last I checked having a parade was kind of special. The only other parades are for SPECIAL once in a year occasions (Christmas, Thanksgiving…etc) (jury is out on Caribana)

You want equality get rid of the fucking parade and just be YOU. There is lots of perversion on floats at the gay pride parade I’m sure the best way to win over a skeptic is to show them something that they hate to see.

Equal Rights means EQUAL not special treatment which seems to be what everyone that doesn’t feel equal aims to get.

Look at Women. Sorry ladies but you want equal rights? go do the same physical tests as a Male for careers that require them (Police/Fire Fighter…etc) because that’s equal. Different parameters compared to everyone else SPECIAL TREATMENT.

I have nothing against homosexuals but being equal is about being equal.

Straight people don’t have a parade… you were opressed and judged? well do you see African Americans with a parade (no can not use Caribana for that) they were oppressed ensalved tortured for years… yet they don’t have a “Black Pride Parade”

Keep your special parade and always whine about equal rights when all you seem to want is special treatment.

I hope in the near future everyone gets equal rights and is accepted for who they are…but it looks more like some will get special treatment for being different and eventually be accepted (tolerance is building) even though it will never be equal.


Thank you for spending the time and letting us all know how little you care. You have a lot of opinions about non-heterosexuals, most of which seem to be based on some idea that we are all trying to get “special treatment”. I get the sense that you feel like you are not getting special treatment as a heterosexual, and that as a result it is unfair if we get special treatment. You also seem to think that having a Pride Parade for non-heterosexuals is an example of this special treatment. You also have a lot to say about equality. So I will address everything you have said, point by point.

Firstly, you indicate that heterosexual and interracial couples also get dirty looks from “close minded individuals”. You then go on the ask why they can’t have a parade. I want to ask you, how many heterosexual couples do you know who, after showing affection in public, were harassed, beaten, or murdered because they showed affection to each other? Also, you clearly state that only “close-minded individuals” give these couples dirty looks. That would indicate to me that people who have “open minds” would not really give much thought to a couple showing affection in public. But you seem to have a problem with non-heterosexuals showing affection to each other. You complain that Pride events show nothing but “perversion” and that it isn’t fit for children to view. Pride events are always held in what you would call “downtown” areas. They are not held in the middle of christian-fuckery suburbia, where all the happy heterosexual families and their little children are playing at the park. So I want to ask you, why is your mind so closed? Why do you think that is? Because, using your own logic, only the close-minded would have a problem with people expressing affection for each other in public.

Next lets look at the “perversion” you think Pride events represent. Unfortunately for you, it is a simple fact of nature that human sexuality and sexual expression is diverse. We aren’t all “stick penis into vagina in missionary position” robots. You might be that kind of person, but not everyone else is. Non-heterosexuals have been routinely discriminated against, oppressed, and violently attacked because their sexual expression doesn’t fit with the heterosexual mainstream. Pride events remind everyone, including you, that a human’s sexuality is there own, and no person, organisation, church, or government has any right to interfere in the consensual sexual interaction of two adults. Sorry, but this is not perversion, and you have no right to judge it.

You complain that working class people and children should not have to look out of their windows and see the “perversion” of a Pride event. Here’s a funny thought! How about they DON’T look out their window during pride? I mean, it’s not like people don’t know Pride is coming! It’s not like all us queers just pop randomly out of the ground and start floating along on magic rainbow coloured carpets! From another perspective, working class people and children, many of whom BELONG to the non-heterosexual community, could look out of their windows at any time of day or night on any day of the year and be confronted with behaviour they do not like. It’s a risk we all take when we inhabit a residence that has…windows.

You also say that by showing “skeptics what they hate to see” we are failing to “win over” said skeptic. Hate to break this one to you, but we proud non-heterosexuals aren’t interested in winning over any “skeptics” (which is a funny word you choose to use instead of “bigotted ignorant homophobe”). We deserve equal rights no matter what people like you think of us. All people should have access to the same rights under the law no matter what. We shouldn’t have to grovel to the close-minded in order to be trdeate equally. That’s exactly the same as saying “Hey Black Man, you behave now, and we’ll let you ride on the bus with us clean, educated White folk. But if you march down the street, stinking like fried chicken and bacon-grease, dancing to that disgusting devil-music, and showing off your perverted relationships, then I’m sorry, but NO RIGHTS FOR YOU.” This is exactly the kind of contempt YOU are showing the non-heterosexual community right now. This is exactly the kind of close-mindedness you are exhibiting in every word you have written today.

You also complain that parades are an example of special treatment. I’ve got more bad news for you: EVERY DAY IS A STRAIGHT PRIDE PARADE! Don’t believe me? Look out of your window and have a look around. Straight people everywhere, on the street, on billboards, on the television, in commercials, in the movies, in magazines, in the newspapers, on the news. EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. But you are so homophobic, you seem to only notice when you see non-heterosexuality. Which is actually pretty rare compared to all the massive amounts of heterosexual activity you see on a daily basis. Yes, every day is Straight Pride, so back off. You can’t imagine what it’s like to be non-heterosexual, and be confronted every single day, all day, with images that do not represent you at all. Again, let’s look at people of colour as an example. It’s getting slightly better, but representation for their various races is still a tiny fraction of white representation, except of course if you look at the prisons.

You start getting more revolting as your diatribe runs on. You then move your attack to women. According to you, women are not as strong as men, so they shouldn’t be allowed to work in traditionally male dominated fields (you use fire-fighting and policing as examples). Well I am a 95kg guy who lifts weights 5 days a week, and there are some women in my gym who lift heavier weights than me. These women would be very good police or fire-fighters. Furthermore, there are many aspecs to policing that benefit from a woman’s perspective. Women have been serving in the police-force for a long time, and there have been no indications that they are not doing a good job. Women are awesome! Women are strong! And women are BETTER than men like you! Are you just pissed off because you have to cook and clean for yourself? Because you haven’t found a woman who hates herself enough that she chooses to be your slave? Seems that way to me.

You also say that African Americans don’t have a parade, so why should the non-heterosexuals have one? I say African Americans SHOULD have a parade, because they too are AWESOME. It’s weird, you say also that “Caribana” doesn’t count. I looked up Caribana, and again, it certainly does. I went to the Caribana website and it was started in 1967 to “celebrate the carnival arts and improve the economic, cultural and social position of the Caribbean Community in Toronto.” This was about 2-3 years before Gay Pride events started. Funny thing is, Pride Events and Caribana have exactly the same purpose – to celebrate their uniqueness and to improve the position of their communities. But close-minded bigots like you, who feel dispossessed and not part of a community, bitch and moan about it.

Can you imagine what would happen to you in the 60’s if you told the African Americans involved in the Civil Rights Movement to stop marching, go home, because they don’t deserve any special treatment. What if African Americans chose to march today against all the inequality they still suffer? Are you going to tell them to go home and stop their whining? (yes, you probably would tell them that, but they would slap you down because that’s what should happen to small little men like you).

You say equal rights means “equal” and “not special”. Unfortunately it’s very clear you don’t understand what the word “equal means”. In your mind, “equal” means “the same as you.” Basically, and with people like you one must talk in basics, “equality” means everyone has access to the same rights and privileges as everyone else. Not one set of rights for the heterosexual white male, and differing sets of rights and privileges for everyone else, based on what the heterosexual white male thinks is right. I hate to burst your bubble (who am I kidding, I LOVE to burst your bubble!!), but people are DIFFERENT. They are NOT the same. But they all should have the same rights and privileges, no matter what sexist homophobes like yourself want to say.

Lastly, I am wondering what you are doing coming to this blog in the first place? I am also wondering why you have such an issue with Pride events? You say you have nothing against non-heterosexuals, but after reading your sexist, homophobic rant, it’s clear that you do. Studies have proven that most homophobes have homosexual tendencies that they are in denial about. Is this you? Is this why you are obsessing over us faggots walking down the street one day out of the year with some rainbow flags and hot pants and glitter? Do you secretly want one of our hot muscle daddies to bend you over and stick it in? Are you getting hard right now knowing that I, a proud queer man, has spent so much time responding to your drivel? All I can say is see you at next year’s Pride.