Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

Oscar Wilde


No one with a college education takes these websites seriously.


1.        I didn’t realise the target audience of my blog was specifically people “with a college education”.

2.        This blog is here to raise awareness of an issue. It’s written in plain English, and I try to get the message across as simply as I can. The last thing I want to do is speak the language of academia. If I did, I would have like 3 followers, because unless you’re writing and researching a paper, no one wants to read that shit.

3.        Currently, on a personal level, all I want to look at is the ERMAHGERD meme.

4.        I’m sensing good old white privilege once more, of the variety that says “I have a college education, that makes me superior to you. Unless you are similarly educated, and agree with everything I say, you pretty much don’t have a brain. People like me are in an exclusive club, and the only relevant opinion on your subject matter is ours.” Oh honey, no.

You know what depresses me? When I hear black people say, “I can’t stand niggers” or women say, “Women can be so catty” or queers say, “I don’t fuck with faggots” or poor folk say “Don’t tax the rich” because it reminds me how effective White Supremacist Capitalist Heteropatriarchy has been in accomplishing its goals.

Son of Baldwin (via sonofbaldwin)

Did you know… that all the gays died out around the year 2012? Yep. Completely died out. Well, maybe “died out” are the wrong words. They all became straight. True story bro.

The only reason white people think being called a “white person” is racist, or harmful or wrong is because they are used to the privilege of just being seen as a “person” with out their race or color being an issue for them. You see, when you call them “white” suddenly they are not just a person, but now they have a color. Suddenly the are no better than a PoC. And that scares the shit out of them.

DID YOU KNOW… That where I work, any webpage that has the word “gay” in the URL is automatically blocked? The word “straight” doesn’t suffer the same restrictions, no. Because we gays are clearly oversexed, depraved and immoral. I tried to look up some non-heterosexual counselling services for a friend who is suffering severe depression (ironically because of how he is treated by douchebags on grindr) but most of the sites offering these services were blocked. Of course I just looked them up at home, but this is another example of heterosexual privilege at work (at work!).

Whats worse than getting lurked on by “masc men” looking for young looking boys such as myself? -When you actually send them a picture of your face, they block you and say “not into asians”. The irony: i’m not even asian, literally 100% Spanish (from spain). Needless to say i was less than interested and infuriated at his racist manners. My sympathies go out to all racialized ethnic groups who have to face this on a daily basis and I suppose my entire life i’ve been considered “white passing” so this sudden imposed racism is quite surprising; I can only imagine how debilitating it can be to someone who encounters this regularly.